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Fill the form and begin your startup journey with Legavel 

Our experts will solve all your startup queries and ask you for information and documents.

We prepare and submit the documents and support you until your assignment is complete.


Limited Liability for Owners

In a company, all the shareholders have a limited liability. In case of loss to the company, the liability of the shareholders is limited to the amounts they have invested in the company.

Recognized Legal Entity

Every Company is incorporated under the Companies Act, 2012. In all legal matters it is considered as an Individual Person. The company can enter into contracts, borrow money, open bank account in its name. It can sue or be sued, hold, deal and dispose of property in its own name.

Attraction of Huge Capital

Investors love Company form of businesses as it is convenient to invest and exit from Private Limited Companies.

Higher Profits

Due to availability of large capital, Companies are able to arrange better infrastructure and technologies which in turn results in higher profits.

Better for Attracting Employees

A Company form a business is great for attracting and retaining employees. There is trust attached to Private Limited Companies employees are comfortable in working with Startups which have a Company form of business structure.

Full Legal Cover

There is full legal cover on the activities of a company from the birth to its liquidation. People have, therefore, greater confidence in companies than they have in sole trading or a partnership.


Number of Members in Private Limited Company

There is a requirement of a certain number of minimum members for starting a Private Limited Company. Also, there is a limit to the maximum number of members. At the time of incorporation of a Private Limited Company, it needs to have a minimum of 2 members. However, it cannot have more than 200 members at any point in time, this is the maximum limit.


Member’s Liability Is Limited

Members of Private Limited Companies enjoy Limited liability in the business. The liability of its Companies is Limited to the number of shares held by them. Member’s personal assets or property is not liable to pay off the business debts and losses depending upon Articles of the Company drafted at the time of incorporation of Private Limited Company.


Minimum Paid-Up Capital

Private Limited Companies do not require any amount of minimum capital for starting their business. Earlier the requirement of keeping a minimum of Rs. 1 lakh as paid-up capital has been removed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). As of now, there is no minimum amount of Paid Up Capital required for registering a Private Limited Company in India. However, the limit of paid-up capital for these Companies is prescribed from time to time by the MCA.


Restriction on Transferability of Shares

Members of Private Limited Companies cannot transfer their shares publicly. There is a restriction on the transferability of shares in these Companies. Shareholders need to discuss & take consent of other shareholders for the transfer of shares.


Private Limited

For registering Private Limited Company in India, it is important for Private Companies to use the word “Private Limited or Pvt. Ltd.” in their name. Private Companies are mandatorily required to use this in their name.


Continued Existence or Perpetual Succession

Private Limited Companies keep on continuing forever. Its life or continuity is not affected by the life of its members (Shareholders). These Companies are created by law & are also dissolved by it. Death, insolvency, or bankruptcy of any of its members does not affect the life of the business. The business enjoys perpetual succession.


Separate Legal Entity

Private Companies are created by law. These Companies have a separate legal entity from its Shareholders. It is treated as an artificial person & conducts business in its own name.

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The process of company registration in India is revamped by MCA, effective from 15th February 2020. Now, registration of the company can be completed within 10-15 business days. Legavel employs experts like Company Secretaries and Chartered Accountants, who ensure highest level of standards of documentation, customer satisfaction and timely delivery of service. Entire process is managed online, with regular communication and assistance available throughout. We have clients in all major cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and every other city in India. We promise a hassle-free experience.

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